Chamber of Commerce 

of the Greater Antelope Valley

What are the benefits of joining our Chamber?


A Chamber Without Borders

Benefits listed the Chamber Website:

1.  1-year membership with the Chamber of Commerce of the Greater Antelope Valley with full membership benefits;

2.  2 complete business listings within the Chamber website that includes your business name, address, phone, fax, email links, website link, a brief description of your business, a tile ad that links to your business, a link to your Facebook Fan page for your business;

3.  2 Full Size banners ads (468x60 pixels) that rotate though out all the Chambers website pages;

4.  Banner Link on the Memberships Facebook Links page of the Chambers web page;

5.  A Picture or a video Introduction (your 60 second Elevator Speech) on our Growing Members Page;

6.  Marketing and Email Campaigns along with Data Base Management;

7.  A Chamber that actively promotes your business with commercial advertising;

8. A Chamber that works for you – We do not do any fund raisers that take away from your time from running your business;

On the Website:

Commercial Business Listing with

1.  A premium Business Listing in – This commercial Business and Information website has been online in the Antelope Valley for over 15 years. Your business listing can be listed in 6 different categories, with all business contact information, email and website links, up to 5 photographs, a spot for a YouTube commercial to be embedded into you business listing, a full description of your business that is completely searchable for all key words

2.  2 Full Size banner ads (468x60 pixels) that rotate though out all the website pages

3.  1 or more tile ads (150x112 pixels) that rotate though out all the website pages

4.  Map location to your Business, Tell a Friend link, Book Mark feature, Printable Business Listing, Free Coupons for you Business, Price list for your Business, and much, much more too long to list

5.  Tile Ad for 1 Month on the Home Page of Business Showcase with link to your Business

6.  Discount Coupons – Offer as many as you like, included in your membership

On the Destination Antelope Valley Website: – Official Tourism Site for CoCGAV

1.  2 Full Size banners ads (468x60 pixels) that rotate though out all the Destination Antelope Valley website pages

2.  Hotel, Restaurant, Wineries, Craft Beer, destination or tourism spots will receive an expanded business listing or page (if appropriate) included with your Chamber Membership

Social Network Marketing – Facebook:

1. We actively promote you on our pages on Facebook

2. New Members are highlighted on our Chamber Facebook Page

3. Renewing Members are highlighted on our Chamber Facebook Page

4. When highlighted on the Chamber page, extra time is spent to ask for additional LIKE’s on your Business

5. We will increase your Business Facebook Fans by at least 100 LIKE’s during your membership with the Chamber

6. Every weekday a different member is spotlighted on our Group Page on Facebook, this is done by rotation of the members

7. When highlighted on the Group Page, extra time is spent to ask for additional LIKE’s on your Business

Our Facebook Pages Where We Promote Our Members:

Main Chamber Page:

Chamber Group Page: Page:

Destination Antelope Valley:

No other Chamber in the Antelope Valley has as many website pages as CoCGAV to promote their members

Video Advertising – All Business Should Have: 

Right now we are moving forward with a goal of the Chamber in offering to help our Members to get involved with Video Advertising. We are willing to help you with scripts and to produce  marketing videos you can use to promote your product or service. This is included with your membership with the Chamber.

Places we can promote video adverting:

1. Incorporate directly into your Business Listings on the Chamber website

2. Incorporate directly into your Business Listing on the website

3. YouTube

4. Facebook

5. Eyeslick - We can also provide you with your own FREE Channel on this site

Incentive Based Marketing – with Marketing Boost

You can go directly to the Chambers Marketing Boost Site to Learn More about this exciting program: Marketing Boost Website

CoCGAV now offers our members incentives that you can pass on to clients or potential clients for either a reward for purchasing or using your service.

 This program is just getting started, an example would be:

If you join the Chamber of Commerce based upon this email, we will give you a complimentary 3-night vacation in the US or a 5-night vacation in Mexico

(By the way, not just an example – if join we will give you your choice as part of your Chamber Membership Package)

We will be sitting down and going over this program so you can learn how to use it to close or reward clients or how we can best use it to your benefit. Some of the other incentives we will be able to offer besides Incentive Vacations.

Hotel Savings Card, - Good for Hotels, Car Rentals and Activities – these will be in either $100, $200 or $300 increments.

Restaurant Incentives – these will be in either $100, $200 or $300 increments (restaurant incentives require an activation charge of $7.95 per $100 and this can be paid by either the person receiving or the business giving the card)

Take a look at - Every banner and tile ads that you see on this website are members of the Chamber of Commerce of the Greater Antelope Valley. These premium advertising spots are for Chamber members only.

Don’t wait to act, go to our Chamber of Commerce of Greater Antelope Valley and sign up today – 1-Year membership is $249.00, renewal on the 2nd Year $149.00.

Our Promise to you….. Our Guarantee….

Nothing is more important to us than treating our membership well.

At the end of your yearly membership, if you feel like the Chamber of Commerce has let you down, give us a letter and explain why and we'll return your membership fees, it’s as simple as that.

The Chamber Bunch

Being a part of our Chamber is not just about business, 

it's also about being a part of the family.